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diyAudio - Nelson Pass: The Slot Loaded Open Baffle Project I can not see why this effect would not affect NPs slotloaded open baffles as well? Another effect is the quarterwave resonance in the slot/plenum. As far as I can see, this has not been addressed much in the slotloaded open baffle discussion. Slot Loaded Open Baffle Project Nelson Pass - Lots of good reading on the subject on the forums at Hawthorne Audio as well. Keep in mind that OB speakers require a good distance from the front wall (3' min), and depending on the size of the baffle, can dominate a room. If you get them setup correctly though, they can be very rewarding. "Almost anything from Nelson Pass is interesting reading." Robsan-DIY | T-Pole Sub Woofer T-Pole Sub Woofer. Text. This design is based on a article Nelson Pass wrote about a slot loaded open baffle speaker. Mr. Pass states that the genesis of his slot loaded open baffle woofer cabinet came from his time at ESS in 1972. Nelson Pass Slot Loaded Open Baffle.

Slot-loaded open baffle. This time, the woofers are wired in phase, but the “ slot” between them is quite narrow, with aThe “slot-loaded W-frame” still has a slot-loading effect on the woofers, but is more compact. We can build it just the height needed to hold the drivers, and put a top panel on it.

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The Eminence Kilomax-18A has the same specs (Fs:33Hz, Qts .56). It may be a good choice as well. You may want to read this article by Nelson Pass on a slot loaded open baffle. Slot loaded open baffle …

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I thought ‘what is Nelson Pass doing posting on a lowly audio forum?' And then I found that he posts there quite regularly.He is a tinkerer and brings his toys for all of us to gawk at. This time he brought a pair of open baffles (BIG open baffles), which had a slot-loaded 15” woofer mated to a field coil... Presented | A Model of Open-Baffle Loudspeakers Open-baffle loudspeakers are the longest-known1 and structurally simplest loudspeakers, but they, at the same time, pose considerable theoretical challenges for the modelling. A simple dipole model partially explains some of their features, but such a model is valid only at very low frequencies, and... OPEN