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I'm at 146/150. I've avoided crafting too many unnecessary abilities for me like Bahamut, Wrath, Entrust, etc. I still keep some of the abilities you mentioned like 3* -aga spells (still useful for some of my chars that only have 3* Black Magic), debuff busters (never know when CM ability access is restricted), and 4* dances (I have Keeper's tome, and it works well with them).

As you probably know, Final Fantasy V has a fairly unique Job System. Jobs are unlocked throughout the first part of the story and it is what makes your characters that much stronger, aside from level-ups. Setting up a proper party is easy if you know what you are doing, and good utilization is what ... Final Fantasy Record Keeper Guide: Tips ... - Online Fanatic Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a turn-based combat game that features all FF characters. You collect FF characters from various realms and use them in a team to fight the classic enemies you face in each region or realm. Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Official Trailer - YouTube Relive all of your favorite Final Fantasy moments in Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, coming to North America in spring 2015.

View abilities by rarity and school (black magic, white magic,summoning and so on). Tons of info on effects, ability creation and honing, required orbs, and how to acquire them! All the latest information directly from the makers at the FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper official strategy site.

Final Fantasy (Franchise) - TV Tropes The series was fairly obscure on Western shores for a long time until its popularity exploded with the release of Final Fantasy VII, which exposed most people to the Eastern RPG genre for the first time and is widely regarded as one of the best Role Playing Games of all time.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper - Page 4 - giantitp.com Jun 01, 2015 · Well, found my new crack. If you haven't heard, Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a (relatively) new freemium smartphone game which is like Pokemon only instead you collect Final Fantasy characters and classes from every game. Then you form a party of 5 and in classic 16-bit style go through dungeons from every game. It's not the best-designed game. Final Fantasy Record Keeper Skill System | RPG Maker Forums

File history Click on a date/time to view final fantasy record keeper more ability slots the file as it appeared at that time.Record Materia Characters whose initial level cap has been broken can equip Record casino on 512 and south tacoma way Materia.

Ability Slots Final Fantasy Record Keeper